I'm like a collection of paradoxes.


That my wife makes your bitch look like precious quote is so gross to me especially when kanyes wife is like the embodiment of black features only being hot on non black women but lol keep reblogging it its funny!!

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2. September 2014

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I regret not being able to live in a dorm my first year but it’s better than being an extra $4,000 in debt


White people, please dont think that a nigga will not risk catching a case to knock you the fuck out for saying some reckless shit.

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Going to get my hair done on Friday. Thank God himself.

Lol… like son. My hair is something tf seriousssss right now. 

I’m on a mission to transition to natural and this shit is tuffffff yo. 

My hair is so thick and curly at the roots like I can barely comb through it without flinching from pain. LMAO. 

The shrinkage is real. Can’t wait to see how it turns out and how long it’s grown.